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We believe firmly in marketing to successfully sell your home, business or property. We know that a well-designed and aligned marketing campaign will be the key to selling your home. For us, there is so much more than just putting your listing on MLS and waiting for the buyers to come to you. It just doesn’t work that way anymore.


We run a full page advertisement in the Nelson Star every week. We are committed to getting your listing to as many people as possible and we feel this traditional source of media is a critical part of the marketing package.


We have our own full-service website where we feature all of our own listings. Unlike many realtors, who rely on a compay website, we want to control how our site looks and works and have invested in a professional site.


We have a very strong social media precence. We use both Google AdWords and Facebook to promote our website and listings.


Easily the Kootenay’s most popular magazine, Kootenay Mountain Culture is a fabulous marketing opportunity for everyone in the community. We wouldn’t dare miss being part of it.