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When Buyers uncover repairs after a price has been negotiated they:

  • Attempt to renegotiate the price lower
  • Demand expensive repairs
  • Walk away from the sale

Here is the advantage of getting a building inspection first:

  • Provides a list of repairs for the seller to complete, which helps the house show much, much better
  • Can be used as a marketing tool
  • Eliminates suprises and buyer renegotiating
  • Helps your home sell for more money

Too often we have seen the challenges after a sale is agreed to, but before the building inspection. We feel that inspection should happen before we start the sales process – and we are willing to pay for it.

Too often we hear that realtors have no “skin in the game.” This is our way of showing our clients that we are serious selling their home. This is our “skin in the game.”